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March 12, 2011
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After the defeat of Aqua, with Ventus there to witness it, Ven is filled with Rage. As he Battles his Other half, tears fill his eyes, with thoughts of his lost friend. Vanitas Only fights untill he is weak enough to Merge together with Ven (just like he did in BBS) but instead of being defeated by the *Last Word* Command, Vanitas Strikes the Beam of Darkness* and knocks Ven into Sleep. Vanitas, now having all control of Ven,(and who has now disappeared from the stain glass window awakening) and wields the fully complete X-Blade in his hand, heads up to Master Xehanort at the top of the cliff where they parted to carry out their plans, but Xehanort is nowhere to be found.

Vanitas then starts a journey to search for Xehanort, destroying worlds in the process. Having all the worlds population surrender to the Dark, Unleashing Unverse, and Recreating the Worlds in the Image of darkness.

When he comes across Xehanort, now Terranort, he duals him in Raident Garden. After only a few Seconds from the start of the battle, Vanitas impales his master with the fully completed X-blade. As Terranort falls into the Realm of Darkness, Vanitas Destroys Raident Garden and continues to rule all worlds in darkness. As Ventus is still trapped in Vanitas's heart, he crys in dispair For his friends, Terra and Aqua.

Back at Keyblade Graveyard, on the cliff, next to the only remains of Terra, the Lingering Sentiment, his Orange Wayfinder is cought in the breeze, and lands safely on the bottom where Ventus fought Vanitas. Ven and Terra's Wayfinders find each other while Aqua's Wayfinder flies in the breeze as well, and lands right next to Ven and Terra's Luck Charms. With only a couple of cracks and dents in the charms, they lay together in rest at the tragic conclusion of the Trio, lost in eternal darkness.

I wrote this "What-would-happen-if..." ending while watching the Secret Ending to :iconkingdomhearts: Birth By Sleep. This is my first Literature piece, so plz reduce the negative comments to a minimum. I have many other different ends to Birth By Sleep, not all of them are bad (Im not THAT much of a downer!), just a majority of them end in Darkness.

This Is the :iconvanitaslaughplz: Ending that if something went wrong during the final battle at the Keyblade graveyard, thus creating this. READ ON

*Not really sure what its called, but I thought It looks like a beam....of Darkness. :U You know, that Big huge Beam that Vanitas locks on to you and everything

*EDIT 9-24-11*
Fixed some Grammer and spelling Errors, and added some more small details.
klom89 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011   Writer
The Beam doesn't have a name, but it IS a Shotlock.

Not bad of a story....I loved the final scene with the Wayfinders, it was so touching :iconcryplz:

Only one problem, Vanitas may be a part of the Darkness, but the Heartless barely existed at all during this time. So, he wouldn't be relesing Heartless. Unversed, yes...But Heartless, no.

Still, though...I loved this. :D

DisneyGal91 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mkay! Thanks for the feedback, I shall edit that ASAP!:)

klom89 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011   Writer
*Thumbs up*
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